In the process of production and development, the Company always invests in a line of modern machinery and equipment such as the machine system imported from Korea, With a fully automated Korean production process and experience 20 In the year of production, Myung Shin always brings the non-woven products, Mex paper, Mex construction, Mex non-stick metal stamping NP serving in the garment industry with the best quality. The product affirms the quality, and the best competitive price to consumers

Coming to the production area, you will see a closed weaving line from preparation to inventory checking. On the preparation area is machinery equipment and technology, Korea. Since then each month has woven 1.5 million meters of nonwoven fabric and more than 80 thousand high quality sewing products. To operate these equipment is a team of skilled workers who love the job and the technical and managerial staff with high professional qualifications, very dedicated to the company.

Our fabric products have been present in all regions of the country from the North to the South and have been exported to the markets of Myanmar and Korea … MYUNG SHIN INDUSTRY VINA brand has a firm foothold in the domestic market and abroad

When you come to us, you will surely feel the spirit of hard work, enthusiasm and discipline of the workers here. Because they work from the love of the Company and they work for themselves. Every job of the people here from the highest leader to the worker is aimed at the goal: Prestige – Quality – Efficiency ”. It can be said that it has become the motto of each of us.

Business activities:

❖ Mex, Glue, Erect (Paper, Cloth)
❖ Mex Nonstick Staple NP
❖ Nonwoven

The goal and orientation of the company

+ Our goal is to become one of the leading manufacturers in the textile sector with the criteria: “Prestige – Quality – Efficiency” as a development platform.

+ Maximize the Company’s development speed in terms of sales, market share, and highly skilled human resources.

+ Enhancing market development, approaching customers, promoting the brand with reputable and quality products to meet the needs of customers …

+ Building a dynamic, efficient and professional working environment

+ Training and promoting a staff of staff to maximize creativity, solidarity and continuous development.